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Official beginning of building a new stadium at Tehelné pole

The building of new stadium at Tehelné pole has officially begun.

There is going to be built a new stadium at Tehelné pole. The new stadium is going to rise at place, where Slovan has its original home and earned so many achievements. It is a locality, which is typically connected with sports activities in Bratislava. The last match on previous stadium at Tehelné pole was played in November 2009. Now, after long years of negotiations and discussion, the building of new stadium has begun.

The capacity of a new stadium is planned for 22 500 spectators and stadium will fulfill UEFA 4 category criterias. New stadium at Tehelné pole should be finished until the end of the 2018. The price is 49,81 mil. euros without VAT. Government is going to donate the stadium with 27,2 mil. euros. The investor can use call option to sell non-commercial part of stadium to state after final building approval.

“I would like to thank all partners for cooperation. We thank to wide team of people, who are working on this project, also to prime minister Robert Fico and government, to city mayor Ivo Nesrovnal and to mayor Rudolf Kusý. I am glad, that trans-national company Strabag is going to build the stadium. It has many experiences with projects like this. Now, we are finalizing some documents with Brusel about the donation from state. We relieved first ten millions of euro, because we didn´t want to lose another winter,” said investor of stadium and head of board of directors of Slovan Bratislava Ivan Kmotrík.

“I am happy, that we overcame all obstacles and found a correct deal. Supporting of building a stadium is a part of strategy of our government to help Slovak football. We divided commercial and non-commercial part of stadium, which will be supported by state. We have interest to have stadium finished until the end of 2018. This official beginning is a strong moment to have people, machines at this place to see some first parts of stadium soon. New stadium will be modern and safe,” said prime minister of Slovak republic Robert Fico.

“Today, it´s beginning a building of stadium, which deserves Slovan, Bratislava and whole country. I hope that we open a new capture of quality of Slovak football. We do it place, where were written experiences of many generations. I would like to thank government and investors, that they are bringing football back to Tehelné pole. We are very happy of this project and will make everything, what we can, to help it,” said city mayor Ivo Nesrovnal.




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