Stadium Tehelné pole

Capacity: 22 500 seats
Adress: Viktora Tegelhoffa 4, Bratislava
Opening: 2019

Tehelne pole stadium is the one of the most modern and technologically advanced stadium in Central Europe. It offers maxium of comfort and experience for visitors of all categories through its own equipment and options. This stadium is the most expected representative place for sports acitivities and cultural events of the football club ŠK Slovan Bratislava as well as of the residents in Bratislava and whole Slovakia. Finally, it will be attractive for foreigners, too. Tehelné pole stadium was opened on 3 March 2019 by the football match ŠK Slovan Bratislava against FC Spartak Trnava with result 2:0. The capacity of the stadium  with 22, 500 seats was totally occupied into the last seat and the new break-record was formed in the history of  slovak football league´s attendance. Tehelné pole stadium is the certificated stadium in category UEFA 4.

The most modern and the "greenest" stadium in the Central Europe
  • Architecture

The orbicular  construction of the stadium is covered by white membrane with the light effects from three sides and with an alluminium construction from fourth. Covering all stands and seats to the last row. The stands with their bend, height and light effects provide amazing experience for each spectator. During the testing period, spectators praised the feeling of closeness with words like ,,everything lies open to view“ as the distance of seats compared to the playground is the minimum allowed by UEFA requirements,. The complex contains an underground parking for 1,000 cars with neighbouring multifuncional area, in total of 11,000 m2. Every seat counted into official capacity guarantes 100% view. The construction of  all the seats gives the chance to change their possition according to pomoter´s demands. Using of the stadium is friendly.  The navigation to the seat and also the way out from stadium is synoptical. Evacuation of guests can be provided till 5 minutes.

  • The greenest stadium in Europe

Practically 50% of heat and cold is made from renewable sources. The basic technology used is the system of heat pumps – water/water.

For example, in the summer during cooling, the dissipated heat is used for producing hot water, thanks to that, production is completely cost free. Standard systems have to dissipate the waste energy which the stadium is still using. For example, rainwater is used for flushing or watering the lawn.

At the same time, the supplier undertook to guarantee the price of energy for 20 years, while the current price of heat is 70% of the price of similar suppliers.

At the moment we have never found so large project in the world with the high percentage of renewables.

  • Multifunctional stadium

The stadium with its own construction is adapted for organizing of the cultural events. As one of the few in the world, it allows the trucks to pass through the interior and it makes the manipulation of production simplier. The spaces of the stadium permit to organize conferences for more than 2,000 people. The stadium has already been put into trial test with sporting, cultural and social events and it is ready for further challenges and full operation.

  • Lightning

The latest generation of LED technology complies to the highest UEFA requirements, which is designed to accommodate ultra-high-definition TV broadcasts and the possibility to repeat recorded actions in super slow motion. This type of light is able to raise the emotions of the stadium to a completely different level through various lighting effects. TV cameras will be able to capture even the smallest gestures and emotions of players or fans and also this atmosphere can be transfered to the TV screens. Each light is controllable individually and it allows you to create different light scenes with music. The stadium can also be lit up from the outside on a perforated sheet, which helps to create the atmosphere.

  • Production

This stadium is the only one in Central Europe that allows to control the entire direction of the stadium from one computer. Our system allows the director to prepare tailor-made graphics on-site, using one single PC he can operate the LED areas on the playing area and stand, large screens, IPTV (local television), but also turnstiles or parking system.  

  • Face recognition system (biometrics)

It allows us to make a database of unwelcome persons.

  • The newest camera system AVIGILON ( the highest standard)

Including the face recognition system, it allows to locate a particular person instantly. According to practice it means that when the person passes through the turnstiles, the recognized face will be stored in the database and paired with person´s movement at the stadium.

  • IPTV

Allows visitors to be in picture and follow the situation on the playground even in front of snack bars. There are hundreds of  displays  in the communicative places of the stadium which are informing about the actual hapenning at the stadium. Technology also permits to broadcast different content in each TV set.

  • Multimedia

Possibility to watch slow-motion images from different camera angles, live broadcast or watching the matches from the archive. This will be  a part of the upcoming application, which will be accessible at the stadium.

  • One card

Or cashless system. Apart from paying in the snack bar, the card will serve as the ticket, the key for sky-box, the paying method for car parking or it will enable to pass through internal places.

  • VIP zones and sky-boxes

Luxury premium seats are given for demanding clients who would like to watch the performance at the new stadium from the places which offer comfortable surrounding including gastronomy service. The stadium disposes with 42 sky-boxes, VIP zone with capacity of 900 seats and one presidental lodge.

  • Unique conference rooms even for hearing disabled persons

The latest video, audio and conference technologies are implemented into the conference rooms. The video and audio system is distributed via a digital programmable distributional matrixes. The media is projected on large screens using 2 laser projectors, as well as distributed across the space via large-screen preview monitors. The sound system includes portable wireless microphones and also latest digital conference system with the implementation of an interpreting system for 4 + 1 languages. In the hall, participants can personally select one of the five languages on their handsets using portable receivers. The system with additive professional audio offers distribution points across the room for connecting journalists, broadcast vehicles and media. A major novelty on the Slovak market is the implementation of the standard of transmission for the hearing impaired in the form of a magnetic loop, which helps the hearing impaired to transmit the signal directly to the headphones. It is possible to broadcast local signal sources as well as sources from the stadium premises through its direction. The system is operated as a single unit via touch-sensitive access panels.

  • The History of Tehelné pole stadium

Tehelné pole is situated in location dedicated to sports. Original stadium where Slovan  achieved unforgettable sports moments is turned by 90 degrees for one reason –during the sunset the sun shined directly into goalkeepers´ eyes. Also the interesting thing is that the broken concrete from original Tehelné pole stadium became the foundation of the new Tehelné pole stadium, so all supporters believe that the new ,,history“ will go on. The interest in football was seen by the new generation of supporters in the football match with Wolverhampton.

  • Location

Available place to get here by car or by public transport from all directions.

  • Multifunctional playground ,,Kalinčiakova“

As a part of project , two multifunctional playgrounds were built in the area of Primary school Kalinčiakova.

Many different clubs , e.g.: Olympique Marseille, Atlanta Bergamo or Sparta Prague come to Tehelné pole stadium to find an inspiration here.

Map of stadium




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