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Šporar: I come here to score goals and help Slovan!

Interview with Andraž Šporar after his coming to Slovan Bratislava.

Andraž, welcome to Slovan Bratislava. How are your first feelings after signing a contract?

I feel great and very happy, that we made this transfer real. I know, that Slovan is a big, ambitious club with rich history. I can´t wait for new challenges in sky – blue jersey.

There was a big fight for your services during winter. Why did you choose Slovan?

The key factor was moment, when I met Ivan Kmotrík jr. and sport´s director of Slovan. I had a great feeling about offer from club. They told me about the club´s project and also about new stadium. I told myself, that I want to be a part of it, when Slovan will go higher. That´s why I am here – make everything, what I can do for this club.

You played for big clubs in Slovenia or Switzerland. Was also this important, to choose club, which is fighting for titles and trophies?

Yes. I love to play for clubs, which are fighting for titles and trophies. At Olimpija, I survived the pressure to win every game and in Basel, it was the same. I like the pressure, when you need to win and be the best.

Can you tell us about your ambitions in Slovan?

I want to regularly play and find again the performance from past. I come here to score goals and help team with goals, assists, fighting, tackling, with everything, what I can do. And of course, I want to win title and get a success in Europe.

Come back to the past. You had an excellent autumn 2015, when you scored seventeen goals. Afterwards, you played in Basel or Bielefeld. What did you learn during last two years?

I experienced beautiful stage of my career during 2015. In Basel, it was not an easy time, but it was a big school. I was in such a big club and I played Champions league at Arsenal or PSG. Now, I am facing new challenge. I want to come back to form from 2015 and improve it to even higher level.

You are part of national team. Did you discuss this step also with national team coach?

In national team, I have a big competition with several good strikers, so I am happy for each start. Firstly, I need to give maximum for club and I can think about national team. For Slovenia, I played four games yet, I started the game in Wembley, that was amazing experience. I think that for coach is important, if I regularly play and if I score goals. I want to do that at Slovan.

Did you come to look at our new stadium?

During negotiations with Slovan, I found pictures of new stadium at internet. It will be a beautiful stadium. I saw it live yesterday and I want to play there as soon as it is possible.



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