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Big celebrations at Tehelné pole, tickets on sale!

You can buy tickets on-line.

ŠK Slovan Bratislava will face ŠKF Sereď on 24 May 2019. Game will take place at new stadium Tehelné pole. Kick-off is 19:00. 

The game will be special. ŠK Slovan Bratislava will get the prize for champion of Slovakia and we will say official goodbye to our legendary player Róbert Vittek. We prepare special activities for fans. 

You can buy tickets on-line right now: https://ticketmedia.sk/event/100 or 1.5 hours before the kick-off at the Tehelné pole stadium at the cash registers. 

Prices of tickets for home matches: 

Category Sectors Price
Premium A104 to A108 20 €
I. category A101, A102, A103, A109, A110 14 €
II. category B101 to B110, B201 to B209 12 €
III. category C202 to C206, D101 to D106, D205 to D208 10 €
Sector of home fans C101, C102, C103, C104 8 €



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